Ruchi Ahuja
Analyst – C Czarnikow India (Pvt) Ltd

“Thank you very much for the coaching sessions. They really helped me to look at the issues I was grappling with in a detached manner. I developed deep insights into the issues and situations around them. As a result my ability to address life issues peacefully and with stability has increased phenomenally.”

C. Mohan
General Manager (Finance) -Lanco Group

“I was feeling lost after a three decades long career in the Corporate World. Indu Wadhwa’s Coaching Sessions helped me to recognize the calling of my heart and plan a smooth career transition.”

Tanay Arora
Student – Pursuing CA

“Indu Wadhwa’s Personality Transformation workshop was a great learning experience wherein each topic was related with real life situations. Her coaching sessions helped me to identify suitable career field for myself”.

Rohit Lohia
Managing Director – Global Upside India

“We are happy to engage Aspiring People for our Leadership team, design Company Policies, , and Learning & Development programs to support our growth plans. Aspiring People is immensely productive with clarity of objective for each intervention. Their approach is very practical and tools are easy to comprehend.”

Gaurav Issar
CEO & Founder – Jewel Next India Pvt. Ltd.

“Indu Wadhwa is one of the most inspiring people I have come across in my life. She is very, passionate, committed and caring. Her coaching sessions are extremely useful and they helped me to develop my vision for my entrepreneurial ventures, and leadership skills.”

Vishal Suri
Regional Sales Manager – Luxottica India Eyewear Pvt. Ltd.

“Ms. Indu Wadhwa is a balanced professional specializing as a career and personal life coach. I hired her services when I was professionally and personally going through a tough time!

First thing she did was to help me restore my confidence level. Indu helped me to see tremendous opportunities all around and asked me to grab suitable opportunity with a strong determination and confidence.

When you are having low self esteem and someone shows faith in you, it helps to turn around the situation. I am more successful now compared to an year ago.”

Gita Bhargav
Chief Operating Officer – Global Upside

“Indu Wadhwa is a very dynamic person with phenomenal clarity of thought. Her coaching helped me to understand the different perspectives of the challenges I was facing in my personal as well as professional life. After a few coaching sessions I felt highly empowered to address my challenges, find the path forward and enjoy life.”

Dhyan PS Chauhan
Head-Human Resources Development – Accretive Health

“We have fast tracker program at Accretive Health. Aspiring people have done tremendous job in developing leadership potential in the budding leaders. Their on site and off site support even after completion of the intervention was a matter of delight both for the participants and the organization. It was an honour for the organization to gain from rich experience of the team which spans across industries. Thank you Aspiring People!”

Saurab Sharma
Senior Manager – HR

“Indu Mam has worked with me in the capacity of a career coach for me and she has guided me on a variety of subjects, both professionally and personally. Her ability to focus on things which matter the most and spreading positivity has been immaculate. Given the diverse experience she brings along, she is able to read the undercurrents in complex professional scenarios well and provide excellent professional guidance.

It’s been amazing working with you and I look forward to your guidance as my mentor”